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A global not-for-profit organization that works to educate people about paganism in general:

A series of articles of various occult matters written by reputable authors:

Wiccan Church in Canada website:

Druid information:

Shamanism information:

A global information link to articles, events, and contacts locally and around the world:

The witches of Windsor:
and their social network at

Religious tolerance information:

The mainstream website: ‘All About’ Paganism:

Wiccan ethics:

A Wiccan news blog:

A fantastic herb supplier in Canada:

Canadian Pagan Moots:

Canadian Pagan Conferences and Festivals:
The Gaia gathering (.com)
Mystic roots conference
3 rivers fest
Red spiral women’s retreat
Fire dance drum
Wiccan Fest

More educational links:

Witch’s Cauldron page:

An archive for pagan religions:

Gnostic library link for great articles:

A great link to scared texts and various pagan Yule songs:

Pagan Merchants:

Pagan societies:

Accurate Gerald Gardner information:

Other Pagan Events and Gatherings:
Music in the Pines
Pagans Unplugged (no phones, no electronics, no programming – just Pagan socializing)